Grille-in’ and Chillin’

RUABelle and I had the best time last night at the Sportsman’s Grille sharing libations with Aunt B, NewsComa, the DogDoc, Badger and, in a suprise appearance, the Rodent Queen. (Wow, it does sound a bit like a trip to the circus.)

I wish I could remember everything we talked about, because I’m pretty sure we solved all the world’s problems. We need a live-blogger to follow us around because it’s too dark to write anything down in there.

When I woke up this morning, (no, that’s not the beginning of a blues song, B.) I took a two-minute, Tom Hanks in “A League of Their Own” pee and didn’t even change the color of the toilet water. So I’m pretty sure there was beer involved.

DogDoc hadn’t spent too much time talking, or rather listening and giggling, with my blogger friends. He was quite smitten. I’m sure he needed the mental break what with his life about to change imminently with the arrival of first baby DogDoc.

We all knew how great the Dresden mafia was, but decided that Ms. Badger by herself would be worth a 100 mile detour on any trip just to listen to her tell stories in her hilarious staccato style. And we will make that return trip soon.

Good times.


2 Responses to Grille-in’ and Chillin’

  1. newscoma says:

    It was a great time. Thanks to all of you.
    Good friends, good times.

  2. Always willing to make a cameo appearance in your surreal drunken circus nightmare flashbacks.

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