I Believe That Children Are Our Future…

Now that I’ve actually seen the beautiful baby produced by the DogDog and Mrs. Dookie (she deserves a better name than that, but I don’t want to involve her more in the blogosphere than I already have) I can confidently state that they have had a beautiful baby girl.

In respect for their anonymity, I won’t mention any names or share any pictures. But imagine the most beautiful little girl you’ve ever seen. She’s beautifuler than that.

Did I mention how beautiful she is?


5 Responses to I Believe That Children Are Our Future…

  1. KC says:

    And those of us out here wonder if this will weaken your “no kids” resolve….

  2. Tell the Doc and his misses that the Squirrel Queen sends her best wishes and congratulations.
    Let the diapering begin!

  3. sista smiff says:

    Let him hang out with my teens for a couple of days and THEN decide whether or not he wants kids or not. Hee. Babies are fun and wonderful. That’s why God makes them so cute and stuff cause if they were born at 13, we’d surely abandon them.

  4. Lynnster says:

    Awww. Are those paternal instincts I see latently coming out….?

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