Now I May Be a Bear of Very Little Brain*

…but will someone please explain to me why it’s ok to make a fur coat out of a racoon


but it is apparently unconscionable to make a coat out of one of these,


the Chinese Racoon Dog?

Now I don’t wear any fur, but I don’t throw paint on people who do.  I love dogs, but I understand that there are cultural differences between Peruvians who eat grilled guinea pig on a stick and the cage full of the smelly little bastidges I kept when I was twelve.

This controversy baffles me.

* I loves me some “Tao of Pooh.”


6 Responses to Now I May Be a Bear of Very Little Brain*

  1. Kate O' says:

    Neither is OK. But I bet you knew I would say that.

  2. Erinne says:

    With that way of thinking he may be closer to becoming a vegan than he thinks!

  3. Lesley says:

    What Kate O’ said.

    By the way, the raccoon is the Tennessee State Wild Animal.

  4. Rachel says:

    This is an old topic post, but I feel compelled to answer the question about why this issue is so controversial in case the blog owner or other readers ever come back to it.

    First and formost, the most important aspect to this controvery is the way in which these animals live and die before ending up on someone’s coat in the name of fashion. If you’re fortunate enough to be oblivious about the way animals are brutalized and skinned alive for their fur, then I envy you. But if you want to raise your awareness and become a more competent commentator, check out or or any of the other animal welfare organizations working to change legislation in regards to the fur industry.

    The second most important aspect is that Racoon Dogs ARE dogs, but their fur is not labeled as such. The Racoon Dog is a canine species that, in this country, would be classified as a companion animal and would be illegal to slaughter. These dogs may look like racoons, but the are not racoons (the way some dogs look like deers and some dogs look like rats). The Racoon Dog’s fur is being sold here in the US purposely mislabeled as “raccoon” so that ignorant shoppers (who may have no problem with skinning a rodent alive but do have problems with skinning a dog alive) are not turned off. Regardless of what’s accepted in other cultures, as Americans, we’re offered the right to consumer protection. We even have a national Bureau of Consumer Protection whose soul purpose is to protect consumers against unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent practices in the marketplace. The global fur industry is infringing on our rights by tricking us as consumers and taking away our right to choose.

    This is an important issue that affects all Americans, and should be taken seriously by all Americans regardless of an individual’s stance on fur for fashion.


    I THINK THE BASTARDS WHO SKIN THESE ANIMALS ALIVE SHOULD ROT IN HELL, AND ANY1 WHO WEARS FUR FUCK U! IT IS NOT FASHION. I CANT UNDERSTAND HOW FUR LOOKS BETTER ON A PERSON AND NOT A ANIMAL ITSELF. FAUX FUR LOOKS THE SAME I DONT UNDERSTAND THE ANIMAL SUFFERS HORRIFIC PAIN JUST FOR PEOPLE TO PUT ON THERE BACKS. I REALLY DONT AGREE WITH THIS………AND IF IT IS NEVER GOING TO STOP AND IF THIS CARRIES ON THEN I HOPE THEY GET SOME MORALS AND JUST SHOOT THE POOR THINGS IN THE HEAD BEFORE PUTTING THEM IN HORRIFIC PAIN ! IF ANY ONE AGREES OR DISAGREES THEN PLEASE EMAIL ME ON, I dont mean to offend with my language but it appauls me and i am now a chinese racist and would never visit the country unless i had a shot gun to shoot the fuckers, i know there is good and bad in every one and alot of chinese people wont agree with this which is good but to me this just makes me look at them and think, fuck you….
    now got that off my chest

  6. Rich says:

    Two good responses. To the original question, Watch this video, it may help you understand the torture these animals go through.

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