There’s a Whole Lotta XX Going on in My House Right Now

March 31, 2007

Did I mention RUABelle is hosting a baby shower for the DogDoc’s wife. Things seem to be going swimmingly.

But that’s why me and Nellie The Nervous Pudelhund are in Centennial Park diggin’ on the cool steel pan band I read about in NiT yesterday.

Thanks for the heads up.


Missed Opportunity

March 31, 2007

In what I consider an extremely smart PR move, Belmont University sets aside one day a year to give back to the neighborhood around the campus. It was today and is called Belmont Bruin Den Day.

Teams of students volunteer to help out neighbors with household tasks in return for filling the streets with cars and occasionally blocking our driveways before Belmont/Lipscomb basketball games. It’s not a bad trade in my opinion. The university sends out a mailing about a month in advance asking for specific job requests so that they can put together and schedule the teams of workers.

So this morning as I was taking my jog, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight of six very attractive coeds wearing pink shirts and shorts weeding the flowerbed of the house behind mine while my neighbor stood on his front porch in a bathrobe and smoked a cigar.

Too bad we didn’t get our request in on time. I could have been really good at that.

I Got my Good Deed of the Day Accomplished Early Today

March 30, 2007

I notice a lot more things when I’m jogging than when I’m driving.  Mainly used condoms and dead animals. (Is that a small possum or a big rat?)

Today I was running around the Dragon Park when I happened to see a wallet on the ground.  I looked around to see if anybody else may have dropped it while jogging, but didn’t see anybody.  I could tell it had just been thrown there because there was no money in it and some of the credit cards had slipped out and were scattered around on the ground.

I found a high school ID inside and realized that it belonged to a senior at the all boys prep school which I attended for 2 1/2 years before there was (ahem) an incident.  So I got to wander the campus of my Almost Mater this morning and deliver my find to the high school office.  I didn’t meet the kid, but I’ll bet he has a lot better weekend knowing where his driver’s license is.

I guess I can be a total asshat the rest of the day now.  Too bad for Ivy and Kathy T. who I’m meeting for lunch…

Man, That Guy is Good!

March 29, 2007

RUABelle and I went to the Dragon’s Concert starring Delbert McClinton last night. It was the 10th annual show he has done to benefit the Nashville Childrens Theatre. As always, he put on a great show and raised a potload of money for one of my favorite causes.

Anyhoo, RUABelle and I were standing around smelling the bbq buffet (darned Lent!) when we saw an old classmate of mine who we met at the Blogger Xmas pary at the Mothership. It was my personal favorite mayoral candidate, David Briley. I was very pleased that he showed up at the fundraiser, since the NCT is a great gift to the children of Middle Tennessee and also because the Metro Council is our landlord. So I told him I was glad to see him and we chatted for a little while.

Immediately afterwards, I had to go to the bathroom (didn’t give up beer for Lent) in one of those kiddie urinals about three inches above my shoetops. As is my wont, I checked my email while I was in there so that my lovely girlfriend who thinks I’m obsessive about the internet wouldn’t know that I was being obsessive about the internet.

Lo and behold, what in my email inbox should appear? That’s right, a fundraising appeal email from David Briley for mayor. Three minutes after I just got done talking to him. He’s already got my money, but color me darned impressed with his organization and internet savvy.

If he can act on issues confronting our city in this timely fashion, he’ll make a great mayor.

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

March 28, 2007

Two people I work with at two different jobs have come down with MRSA.  You know, the flesh-eating super bug staph infection.

They’re both doing much better, thanks to the liberal application of IV antibiotics.  But now I have a little bump on the side of my forehead that wasn’t there yesterday.  So if my head rots off in the next couple of days, I probably won’t be posting quite as much.

Whatever you do, do not Google “MRSA pictures.” (no link provided)

The Post Where I Alienate Half of my Readers…

March 26, 2007

…and then the other half.

Just to make the folks green with envy, here’s a picture of me from Saturday with Edward Walker of Trading Spaces fame.walker.JPG

My friend who we were visiting in New Orleans does the PR for an interior design store, and she invited us out to the grand opening of the store and the roll-out of Edward’s new line of hand painted throw pillows.  We got there early to help her set up, so there was nobody else in the store.  Edward spent about a half hour going through his whole collection with us one piece at a time and answering RUABelle’s decorating questions about our house.

We ended up buying the first pillow he has ever sold to his effusive thanks.  He said afterwards that it was his favorite piece of art he’s done yet this year.   Nobody gets sold like a salesman…  Yeah, it cost more than I paid for my first sofa, but it wasn’t crazy expensive for a piece of art.  (That the cat may throw up on.) Anyway, he was as nice a guy as you could hope to meet and literally ran after our car as we left for the ride home to wish us a safe trip.

Now to appease the defunct Staggering Prophets and bore the Curbliers, I got to spend part of Friday night drinking with Cris Carter in a bar before dinner.  He was a little more, ahem, reserved than Edward.  He wouldn’t give up why he was in the Big Easy, but at least I knew if we were eating in the same restaurant it was probably a good place.  Turns out that he was right.

Homeward Bound

March 24, 2007

I’m gonna need a vacation to rest up from our vacation. But I imagine that tomorrow will be a day for mowing the meadow that I’m sure my lawn has become, running and sweating out some toxins and returning my internal clock to a diurnal cycle.

I don’t suppose all of that pollen went away while I was gone, did it?