Gauntlet Accepted

My buddy NewsComa is throwing around some smack at her site. Her inveterate Cub-bashing and Card-flogging is to be expected from someone who calls her sister “Homer.”

It’s easy to root for the World Series champions and revel in a post-regime change Congress. It takes real courage to root for the hapless loveable losers form the north side of the Windy City and to attempt to completely ignore politics until the week before the next election.

Yes, I see some wagers being developed next weekend, young lady. How about the Cubs winning percentage vs. Hillary’s share of the popular vote for a six pack of Bass?

Just a jumping off point.


4 Responses to Gauntlet Accepted

  1. newscoma says:

    Hillary will never share the popular vote, even with a raccoon, and Dusty was booted and now there is Lou.
    Lou gets mad. Lou gets booted.
    And Homer knows nothing about baseball, but it’s on. Homer is a mommy blogger without a blog.
    Yes, and I lived throught the Ozzie years, the steriod years (but Damn, weren’t they fun) the Jack Buck years, and I have
    Squirrel Queen.
    By the way, she says our pitching is not of the good,
    Well, that sucks.
    Beer next weekend. I’m sure we can devastate a six-pack until the day we die.
    Good times.

  2. newscoma says:

    through… rather.
    I’ve had …. Ummm frothy hoppy juice before I typed that.
    I suck.

  3. hutchmo says:

    I’d like to wager some interesting amount that Lou has some type of minor or major heart ailment before the season is over, and has to miss a number of games at the advice of his doc. Those Cubbies’ll get u every time.

    Go Yankees!

  4. sara sue says:

    This is going to be fun to watch! I’m humming ~~Take Me Out to the Ball Game~~

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