An Unexpected Benefit

Ahh, I remember the first time Aunt B. had the keys to the NiT jalopy and I posted something embarrasing about myself strictly for her entertainment. I don’t think I had even actually met her yet, but when the B. says jump I already knew what to do.

Now as her term as weekend blogmistress ends, she is asking for our assistance. While I don’t have anything earth shakingly scandalous, I do have an interesting observation.

Between losing some weight and getting Lasik surgery, it occurs to me that I haven’t properly seen my pecker in the shower in about twenty years. I wasn’t even sure I was washing it correctly. But Lord knows I tried and occasionally gave it extra attention…


7 Responses to An Unexpected Benefit

  1. Ginger says:

    uh, wow…I will never be able to look you in the eye ever again… 🙂

  2. newscoma says:

    I’m glad you can see little Smiley after your big weight loss and all.
    I just didn’t expect to be reading about it and it made me spew my last beer of the weekend.
    And as new glasses are on the horizon as my sight dims in my old age, I ponder, do I need me some lasik so I can properly look at my girl parts.
    I wonder.

  3. Colleen says:

    Congrats on the weight loss and re-aquainting yourself with…Smiley, is it? I wasn’t sure what Aunt B. was referring to on her last NiT post, but figured I’d make my way over and see for myself. Not bad.

    I remember the first time after losing a bunch of weight i was able to see my feet in the shower without sucking my stomach in. I had no idea how cute they were.

  4. Chez Bez says:

    Borrowing from an old Paul Reiser routine here, but…based on priority attention in the shower, my “dirty bits” are the cleanest part of me. The feet just get whatever soap happens to fall down there, but oh how clean I keep my…

    Anyway, congrats on the weight loss. 😉

  5. Lynnster says:

    “Little Smiley”. I am DYING.

  6. hw says:

    Jeez, I finally check the blog out and THIS is the post I have to read? But glad to hear all is well down there (geographically speaking…)

  7. saraclark says:

    I will be getting Lasik on Thursday, can I come over and get a look before and after just so I can tell if the surgery works?

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