Maybe He Was Looking for the Dixie Dance Kings…

Monday’s bus stop observation:

I saw a long white late-model Lincoln come rolling by, belching hydrocarbons and swerving in his lane. The front license plate had a big black “W” on it with “Waylon” written in outlaw script underneath. The back bumper had the typical “W-The President’ sticker emblazoned proudly.

I couldn’t exactly make it out through the tinted windows, but I’m pretty sure the driver was punching a puppy and strangling a kitten.


12 Responses to Maybe He Was Looking for the Dixie Dance Kings…

  1. Ginger says:

    The Dixie Dance Kings…Holy cow, was that a blast from the past…lololol

  2. […] Smiley says: I couldn’t exactly make it out through the tinted windows, but I’m pretty sure the driver was punching a puppy and strangling a kitten. […]

  3. Lynnster says:

    Good golly, I had forgotten about that movie’s existence.

    So I knew there was a reason I liked you. Cue up music… da da da da da da, da da – you say it’s your birthday – da da da da da da, da da – it’s my birthday too, yeah – (well, it is on Thursday…)

    Hope you have a rockin’ day, Happy Birthday my friend!

  4. newscoma says:

    Happy Birthday. Does this mean you will always be older than me, or vice versa?
    I can’t remember.
    We will toast you joyously today.

  5. newscoma says:

    Well crap.
    I read it was your b’day, thought I’d missed it, wished you a happy birthday, then saw it wasn’t your birthday.
    I’ll drink beer in your honor anyway, dammit.

  6. Lynnster says:

    OK, so when your birthday DOES come up pretend I sang to you again…

  7. sista says:

    Hazel was in that movie and I saw them film a little piece of it. I wish they’d put it out on dvd. I would love to see it again. I saw it once years ago, but, that was it.

  8. sista says:

    Oh and Happy Birthday, a coupla months early. I knew it wasn’t your birthday cause the first time I ever was aware you existed was on your 40th birthday when Knuck (back when he used to be a blogger) directed his readers to your blog to wish you a happy one. Once I know somebody’s birthday, it stays in my brain forever.

    Guess I need to go wish Mr. K a happy one.

  9. Lynnster says:

    “(back when he used to be a blogger) “

    Choke… hehehe. I do wish Knuck would blog more often, even if it was just a couple of lines a day. Between him not blogging much and Rex’s total disappearance, the days Smiley or S&F don’t blog are much less cheery.

  10. newscoma says:

    Birthdays and names alude me.
    Well, Ceeeelcee sticks with me, as does the name Tadpole, a real man in our town who wanders the streets and that I had a dream about where he was my animal spirit guide.
    He had a really bad acid trip and sort of never came back back in the seventies but he’s my spirit guide apparently and he has that going for him.
    I have no idea why I shared this but it seemed like the right thing to do.

  11. Lynnster says:

    Hey, we had a guy like Tadpole in that town I went to HS in, except his name was Tattoo. No big story there though (that I know of), I think he just liked his Night Train or MD 20/20 daily. He died when I was still in college. Kind of makes me sad that there’s been a couple of generations of kids hanging around uptown now who haven’t had to fend off Tattoo begging for money or cigarettes or a ride.

    There was another one too – his name was Johnny – he passed away as well. I think he was just mentally slow though. He might have liked to drink – I don’t know – but I don’t think that’s why he wandered around town as he did.

    There must be at least one in every small town, I think.

  12. sista says:

    We had a Tadpole in high school. Poor guy was a little slow and somebody had nicknamed him Tadpole and you’d call him that and he’d say “I ain’t no tad-pow.” Kids are so mean.

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