To Quote Jesse Jackson*

I am…somebody!”

I’ve joined Kerry Woo and the team of gadget-heads over at It’s not a paying gig or anything, but it does let me do some of my favorite things-play with electronic toys and then write smart alecky, yet insightful commentary.

Come visit some time and see what me and the WonderDawg are up to. Just don’t tell them the real truth about me or I’ll probably get canned.
* And that’s not something I do very often.


5 Responses to To Quote Jesse Jackson*

  1. WonderDawg says:

    El Linkos are El Funko – must be a wordpress or a FTP blip…

    What Smiley is trying to say is:

    Kerry Woo =

    GearDiary =

    Welcome aboard Chris – ya’ll come see us and please remind us to get out in public in case we get too geeky as evidenced by our lack of tans.

  2. Lynnster says:

    What do you mean the real truth? You are now with your people, g….adget dude. 😉

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