It’s “True Confession Thursday”

I don’t know any other way to put this…

RUABelle and I are going to see Justin Timberlake tomorrow night.

There, I said it.

We didn’t mean to. I just had a friend of mine ask me if I could help him get tickets to the show for his girlfriend and happened to say, “Oh that sounds like fun.” Y’know, just to show polite interest. And he bought two extra seats for us and said if we buy dinner, they’ll pay for the show.

Ugh. Can’t really figure a way out of this one.

At least it’ll give me something to blog about. And Pink is opening.

Double ugh.

Did I mention we’re in the top row of the arena because he didn’t score these primo tickets until last week?

“Hey, I think that little ant down there is shaking his thorax and saying something about bringing his Lexus back.”

To be fair, I downloaded the latest album from iTunes and have been running to (from?) it all week. It’s not horrible. It’s like a Prince album that Prince didn’t write, sing or play on. So maybe from the rafters, we can just pretend we’re watching Prince on an off night.

Pray for us, Nashville.


12 Responses to It’s “True Confession Thursday”

  1. sista says:

    Yeah, yeah…likely story. Don’t be ashamed of your love of JT, Cee. Embrace it. We won’t laugh at you. Shout it from the rooftops…”I LOVE JUSTIN!” Go ahead. You can do it. It’s OK.

  2. Lynnster says:

    Oh my god. I don’t know you two.

    Pink is actually kind of cool.

    But I still don’t know you two. Ugh.

  3. newscoma says:

    He’s not terrible, but he also isn’t Coltrane.
    Your going to have fun because you guys would have fun at a tractor show.
    I’m still laughing.
    We need to drink beer soon.
    Oh, yeah, we had it last week but we need more.
    And yeah, I saw Barry Manilow once. I was ten.

  4. newscoma says:

    BTW, Coltrane is no longer alive.

  5. Ginger says:

    newscoma, I’m afraid I have to one-up you on this one. I actually sang backup for Barry Manilow about 5 years ago when he played the GEC here in Nashville. Yes, I know…there goes my street cred…it’s goooone!

  6. fishwreck says:

    Hahahahahaha! T-Lake rocks!

  7. knitaddict says:

    It’s ok…Ivy and I saw John Michael Montgomery…”Well that’s cool,” Nashville says. ….but you don’t know what little headbangers Ivy and I were (still are)back in the day! My cheeks still burn when I think of it…but hey, we won the tickets. It was a pretty good show too!

  8. newscoma says:

    I’m sorta impressed, Ginger.
    My sister LOVES Manilow. We saw him twice when I was a kid.
    I got to see The Blues Brothers as a peace offering. Our parents sorta gave us this when we were kids as long as we would go to the lates symphony offering with my mom. I guess it’s why I like all music but Southern Gospel.
    She still loves Manilow.
    Homer is going to kill me but it’s true. You will be a celebrity in her eyes 🙂

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  10. Kathy T. says:

    So what’s wrong with Manilow? He came and he gave without taking. We need him today, oh Man-ilow…

  11. Ginger says:

    oh, Kathy. I don’t know what to say. That one deserves the GONG!
    hehehehe 🙂

  12. malia says:

    I can top all of you! I went to a Vanilla Ice concert when I was 16. I didn’t like VI but my good friend did and she really wanted to go but her dad wouldn’t let her go alone, yadda, yadda, yadda, been there, got the the t-shire, literally.

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