Is There a Priest in the House?

We need a Lenten ruling…

As some of you know, RUABelle and I gave up meat for Lent, but we’ve allowed ourselves the protein out of seafood, especially while we’re here in New Orleans.

But what about alligator? Meat or seafood? It lives in the water, but tastes like chicken. I imagine whatever ruling would extend to frog legs.

Opinions? Somebody contact the Vatican for us.


7 Responses to Is There a Priest in the House?

  1. Ginger says:

    An alligator is not seafood. It is a reptile. It’s meat. But tweak the rules as you see fit…God knows the church does. DOH!

  2. The Pope says:

    Dibs on the drumsticks!

  3. badbadivy says:

    Gator is meat, sad to say. It doesn’t live in the sea, it lives in the swamp.

  4. fishwreck says:

    Vatican rules don’t apply in the Quarter. When in NOLA, do as the Nolians. They don’t call it the Big Easy for nothing. Eat the gator and whatever else smells good!

  5. sistasmiff says:

    Really, Cee, Jesus loves you just the same if you eat meat or don’t. He died on the cross for you and didn’t expect anything in return. Eat the ‘gator and enjoy it. He would want you to. Oh and get some Boudin while you’re there and enjoy that for your Sista.

  6. Gator is definitely a vegetable

  7. Lesley says:

    I wondered how you were going to rationalize this kind of thing… 🙂

    Incidentally, Johnny’s will make a mean-ass muffaletta without the meat on it. Yum.

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