At Least it Was Healthy

RUABelle and I had a couple of hours to kill between lunch and dinner (our only planned activities for the day), so we decided to head over to the funky Magazine Street district to do a little shopping.

We circled several blocks and finally found a metered spot to park. After digging through all the seat cushions in the car, we scraped together enough change to pay for exactly 68 minutes of parking time.

So where did we spend an hour shopping?

In a Whole Foods supermarket.

That’s right, we bought a cooler and food as souvenirs. We are so strange some times. OK, most times.

But we’re bringing home crawfish!


4 Responses to At Least it Was Healthy

  1. There’s a Whole Foods on Magazine St now? More langniappe!

  2. newscoma says:

    It’s what I always get when I go to New Orleans. Give me a cooler of food and I’m ready to go.

  3. sistasmiff says:

    So, what did you get me? Boudin? Oh, thanks!

  4. fishwreck says:

    So what’s wrong with bringing home a cooler full of food? Sounds pretty sensible to me. 😉

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