I’m in Trouble Now

RUABelle went to the bathroom in a club where we were watching a badass funk band, and suddenly I found myself surrounded by a pack of Tri-Delts from Kansas State who look like contestants from a Jewel look-alike competition.

Send help.


6 Responses to I’m in Trouble Now

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  2. LeBlanc says:

    Were you needing a wing-man? lol

  3. Captain Bringdown says:

    WHAT? Do you need training wheels on that thing,Boy?

  4. thefreedonian says:

    Surrounded by Jewel lookalikes? Man, I wish I had your problems…

  5. brittneyg says:

    This post just showed up a bazillion times in the aggregator. I want to burn that thing to the ground.

  6. Lynnster says:

    In this case I don’t think it’s the aggregator’s fault, Brittney. For some reason there’s been a couple of times lately he’s posted remotely that it’s duplicated a bunch of times…

    Smiley, I’d delete the dupes right now but I wanted you to see what it was doing…. maybe you need to check the settings on whatever you’re using to remote post with your Treo?

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