Homeward Bound

I’m gonna need a vacation to rest up from our vacation. But I imagine that tomorrow will be a day for mowing the meadow that I’m sure my lawn has become, running and sweating out some toxins and returning my internal clock to a diurnal cycle.

I don’t suppose all of that pollen went away while I was gone, did it?


8 Responses to Homeward Bound

  1. fishwreck says:

    Sure it did, if by “away” you mean “all over the car.” Welcome home (soon).

  2. Lynnster says:

    You’re home alreaady? What kind of crazy people leave a trip to New Orleans in the middle of a weekend to come home?

    Well, welcome home anywayl. Hee.

  3. Lynnster says:

    (excuse the typos, I had two drinks on an empty stomach and woo)

  4. Colleen says:

    Yea, welcome home to a pollen free Nashville. Did you see the pics of my car on my site?

  5. The Pope says:

    The pollen is only there on days that end in “y”.

  6. newscoma says:

    Pollen hates me.
    Today, I feel like my jaw is falling out of my head.

  7. fishwreck says:

    At the risk of offending the natives, I have to report that my allergies are much reduced since I moved to Nashville two years ago. How often do you hear that? Instead of my head puffing up like a giant mucous grenade, I just get slightly itchy eyes.

  8. Lynnster says:

    Pollen? What’s pollen?

    I don’t know, but my white car is currently greenish-yellow.

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