The Post Where I Alienate Half of my Readers…

…and then the other half.

Just to make the folks green with envy, here’s a picture of me from Saturday with Edward Walker of Trading Spaces fame.walker.JPG

My friend who we were visiting in New Orleans does the PR for an interior design store, and she invited us out to the grand opening of the store and the roll-out of Edward’s new line of hand painted throw pillows.  We got there early to help her set up, so there was nobody else in the store.  Edward spent about a half hour going through his whole collection with us one piece at a time and answering RUABelle’s decorating questions about our house.

We ended up buying the first pillow he has ever sold to his effusive thanks.  He said afterwards that it was his favorite piece of art he’s done yet this year.   Nobody gets sold like a salesman…  Yeah, it cost more than I paid for my first sofa, but it wasn’t crazy expensive for a piece of art.  (That the cat may throw up on.) Anyway, he was as nice a guy as you could hope to meet and literally ran after our car as we left for the ride home to wish us a safe trip.

Now to appease the defunct Staggering Prophets and bore the Curbliers, I got to spend part of Friday night drinking with Cris Carter in a bar before dinner.  He was a little more, ahem, reserved than Edward.  He wouldn’t give up why he was in the Big Easy, but at least I knew if we were eating in the same restaurant it was probably a good place.  Turns out that he was right.


9 Responses to The Post Where I Alienate Half of my Readers…

  1. newscoma says:

    I’m not alienated.
    You realize it’s about beer time again, don’t you?

  2. fishwreck says:

    How does a throw pillow ever qualify as art? To paraphrase Jules Winnfield, that must be one charmin’ mother-f-ing throw pillow.

  3. badbadivy says:

    So. Freaking. Jealous! Also- you look great! Have you lost some weight with this Lent meat-giving up thing?

  4. Is the hand-painted design immune to Saturday afternoon human nap drool or do you need to Scotchguard it first?
    Just asking

  5. Lynnster says:

    I’m with Ivy, it would appear the meatless meals looks good on you, Mr. Smileypants.

  6. saraclark says:

    Representing the other side–Cris Carter! That’s really cool. Did he have on a stylish suit? I am surprised he would sit with you considering his issues with color, but maybe that’s just Marino and Costas.

    From the Curbly perspective–if you have brought back a killer camellia cutting, well that would be something completely different.

  7. sara sue says:

    Dude! You’ve slimmed down quite nicely, congrats! I thought the guy in the pic with you was Greg Brady.

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