Missed Opportunity

In what I consider an extremely smart PR move, Belmont University sets aside one day a year to give back to the neighborhood around the campus. It was today and is called Belmont Bruin Den Day.

Teams of students volunteer to help out neighbors with household tasks in return for filling the streets with cars and occasionally blocking our driveways before Belmont/Lipscomb basketball games. It’s not a bad trade in my opinion. The university sends out a mailing about a month in advance asking for specific job requests so that they can put together and schedule the teams of workers.

So this morning as I was taking my jog, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight of six very attractive coeds wearing pink shirts and shorts weeding the flowerbed of the house behind mine while my neighbor stood on his front porch in a bathrobe and smoked a cigar.

Too bad we didn’t get our request in on time. I could have been really good at that.


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