How Lucky Am I?

I got to share a dinner and a lunch consecutively with my favorite Hootervillians, NewsComa and the Rodent Queen!  Not only did we get to share good Immigrant (I mean Mexican) food at Las Palmas, but we enjoyed my first post-Lenten bbq at the Mothership with Sista Smiff, Hutch and Ginger.  And, even better, we were treated to a rare Huck sighting and a rousing discussion of bloggers and blogging with one of his friends before we wrapped our cloaks of anonymity back around us and exited back into the cruel, cold real world outside the Mothership.

Of all the varied ideas we shared, I think the most profound realization was an exhange between myself and the wonderfully wry Squirrel Queen.  We realized that we’ve all reached the age where most folks need glasses to see the television.  The good news is that we’ve also reached the position in life where instead of new specs, we can just buy bigger televisions for less money than we paid for the last one.

That’s a nice thought.


3 Responses to How Lucky Am I?

  1. newscoma says:

    Favorite Line and I paraphrase:
    “Kick it over, Mary Lou.”

  2. newscoma says:

    You made it your tag, and that pleases me to no end, incidentally.

  3. […] we ate crack and cheese, visited with sistas and the snap of Ginger and lots of Salem and Smiley, who will go in the archives for telling the funniest story about the transition of young male […]

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