This Should be Fun

It just occurred to me that I picked up my rental Yugo Screwyerself up from Hertz after dark on Monday night and drove to the hotel where my convention is being held. Then I parked it in the middle of a Disney-size parking lot. I don’t know what color it is or what it looks like, and it didn’t come with a remote door lock/trunk opener to use to play high-tech Marco Polo.

I wonder how I’m gonna find this sumbitch when my meeting is over this afternoon.


3 Responses to This Should be Fun

  1. fishwreck says:

    Wow, this has really turned into the trip from hell for you. More like the trip to hell, given that it’s Jacksonville.

    I’m sure there won’t be any other non-descript, econo-box, rental cars in the lot. Maybe you could call Hertz and ask them what color car you rented (I’m assuming you left the paperwork that might describe it in the car).

    Please make it home in one piece — clothed, smokey, sunburned, sober, or otherwise.

  2. chez bez says:

    Give a bored looking bellman the challenge. Along with a $5.

  3. Jennifer says:

    good luck with that.

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