Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi Meme

Kathy T., bless her heart, tagged me for this meme that asks me to quickly write 8 random facts or habits about myself, then tag 8 people.  She apparently wants to hear some scatalogical details, but I promise not to go into too much detail in case somebody is eating while reading.

1.    I have really bad ingrown toenails on both big toes.  All my tube socks in high school had bloody toes.  I combat them by cutting and tearing the nails really short.

2.    I had a rebel flag on the wall of my freshman dormroom because I was really homesick for the South.  It was during a Hank Williams, jr. fan phase in my life.

3.     My freshman dorm was adjacent to Ujamaa, the Black Studies Theme House.

4.    I was an ignorant, reactionary, redneck conservative dumbass.

5.    We call the third bathroom of our Sewanee cabin the DR.  “The Dump Room.” Do not enter.

6.    My favorite book is “All the King’s Men.”  But I haven’t read it in twenty years.  I hardly ever read anymore.

7.    I do try to read “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” every summer to blow out the mental pipes.

8.    I used to do acid or mushrooms once a year until I was about thirty for the same reason.

Now I need to tag eight people.

I pick the Beatles and the Wiggles.  Good luck with that.


One Response to Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi Meme

  1. Kathy T. says:

    Yay! You made me laugh … something much needed after catching up on my reading at NiT yesterday and today.

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