The Shizz-nit

Here’s a picture I just found of my dad while I was going through a box of his stuff.

circa 1971

Dude was the Mac-Daddy. Check out the straw fedora. And yes, he went fishing wearing a long sleeve oxford shirt with a polyester undershirt beneath it.

That’s his glasses case attached to his big ole leather belt. Despite this precaution, I know he went through 10 pairs of glasses a year to replace the ones he lost. We got a card from Milam’s Optical when he passed away.

If you look closely, you can see the crease in his jeans from where he had them dry cleaned. He even took his boxer shorts to the cleaners. No starch. Folded.

He’s holding four huge bass with two little ones stuffed in their mouths, yet there’s not a speck of dirt or a fish scale anywhere on him.

I guarantee that at the time of this picture, he had spent eight hours in a boat under a blazing Georgia sun drinking scotch out of a thermos and eating Vienna sausages straight out of the jelly in the can. He still looks ready to put down the fish, jump in his Cadillac convertible, drive to a customer and close a million dollar deal over a big ass t-bone steak.

That was my Dad.

He didn’t quite make it until Father’s Day two years ago, so I figured I could jump the gun a little bit myself.

R.I.P. Bud Chamberlain 2/16/28-6/17/05


14 Responses to The Shizz-nit

  1. fishwreck says:

    I’m glad you pointed out the glasses case, because I’d swear that’s a smartphone attached to his belt. 1971 or not. He was such a timeless character, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  2. newscoma says:

    I love this picture, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen fish in fish’s mouths.
    Nice tribute and I dig the hat.

  3. Kate O' says:

    Awesome tribute. Reminds me a lot of my dad. Rock on, Bud.

  4. Shauna says:

    I cried watching a movie last night, at the end of a book this morning, and now at the end of a blog post.

    I bet your dad was awesome.

  5. Jennifer says:

    What a great tribute to your dad. Bud was a good man. Thanks for sharing.

  6. hutchmo says:

    Beautiful. You dad did pretty well in the offspring department too.

  7. Lynnster says:

    Yeah. My dad’s birthday (which was always the day I planned to wed on, if I ever got married) was always the week before Father’s Day so I always get it twice in June. I’ve been getting all these “buy XYZwhatever for Dad this Father’s Day!” emails and stuff the past couple of weeks that have just been making me want to kick them, if one could kick an email.

    I feel a little less grumpy now. That was a beautiful tribute to your pop. And those are some bigass nice lookin’ fish.

  8. sistasmiff says:

    I miss 70’s era photos. Why? The color tint was so …so…70’s.

    It’s fun to remember the Dads.

  9. WonderDawg says:

    Great way to honor your dad – you picked up a lot of his DNA. Here’s to Bud.

  10. sara sue says:

    I love that photo! He even had *extra* fish on the table! Nice way to pay your respects to your dad. It was very touching.

  11. Wonderful.
    The man was obviously crisp and capable of many great things, including raising a marvelous son who turned into an awesome man.

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