Down to Brass Tax

There are a lot of proposals floating around about how to handle sales tax in Tennessee.

I have a revolutionary idea.  Rather than cutting the sales tax on food or having these tax-free holidays, I suggest we just double the sales tax for the first two weeks of June.

This plan  would put the burden of supporting our bloated state government bureaucracy squarely on the back of three groups that could afford it and who would care the least about a little bump in their consumer outlay.  To wit: last minute Fathers’ Day shoppers, Country Music Fan Fest attendees and Bonnaroonies.

Because really, when you’re frantically rifling through the tie rack at Dillard’s or fighting with a lobster red sunburned endomorph from Arkansas over the last Kellie Pickler t-shirt for your Build-a-Bear or aimlessly walking through a patchouli cloud from stage to stage in search of the perfect vegan burrito to fuel your dervish dance, what’s another 10% to help our fine state in its efforts to pass Alabama in the national rankings of prevention of rickets?

Have Governor Bredesen just give me a call.


5 Responses to Down to Brass Tax

  1. Lesley says:

    Hey now. I don’t wear patchouli. Or dance.

    The tax can also be increased around August 16 of each year, affectionately known as “Dead Week” in Memphis. Get some money out of all the Euro-tourists!

  2. sara sue says:

    “dervish dance” ahahahahahaha!!

    Have you ever considered running for office??

  3. Not thats just crazy enough to work…

    …or it may just result in me not getting my just rewards for letting a swimmer get away.

  4. Winston says:

    Ha! I love it! Man, does this have merit, or what… Quick, call your legislators…

  5. You’re on to something Smiley.
    Combine the Elvis tourists with the FanFest folks with the Bonnaroo traffic works for me.
    Maybe throw in something around Gatlinburg and Dollywood to cover that end of the state.

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