A Vicious Cycle

At precisely 1:53 last night Nellie the Nervous Pudelhund sprang three feet straight up in the air from her nest in bed between RUABelle and me.  She was barking her little pin head off because apparently a squirrel had farted somewhere within a five mile radius of our cabin in Sewanee.

It’s awful quiet up there on top of the mountain, so needless to say the experience was quite jarring.  As I waited for the adrenaline to subside from my bloodstream, I stared at the numbers on the clock.  For two hours.

Then I apparently fell asleep for about  thirty minutes.  I know this because I had a dream that I couldn’t fall asleep.  When I woke up and realized that I had actually been asleep I was most disappointed in myself.

To the point that I stared at the clock until the alarm went off at 6:00 am.



8 Responses to A Vicious Cycle

  1. sara sue says:

    Hey … squirrel farts can be dangerous! Good dog, Nellie!

  2. […] CeeElCee couldn’t sleep last night. Oddly enough, neither could I. Mine was because I was woken up by a big argument people a few houses down were having. At 1 in the morning. I wish my neighbors would fight when I’m not trying to sleep. Spread It Around: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  3. Lynnster says:

    After having been a light sleeper most of my life, I can now sleep through six loudly barking dogs pretty much most of the time. It just became habit. (shrug)

  4. saraclark says:

    I woke up to the sounds of buffalo running across my roof and people yelling and cheering this morning at 5:30am. One neighbor who lets his cat out in the morning was greatly distressed and the other neighbors and several dogs were milling in the street. The cat was apparently chased up one of our trees by a dog. The cat then encountered a squirrel asleep in the tree and their chase and fight boiled over from the tree onto our 2nd story roof in some sort of Die Hard style street fight.

    Needless to say, I could not go back to sleep. Will Nellie kill squirrels?

  5. bridgett says:

    I didn’t sleep either. Does Mercury in retrograde cause sleeplessness?

  6. Colleen says:

    Be grateful she was on high alert out in those woods. Haven’t you ever seen Blair Witch??

  7. It’s not the squirrels you should be worried about out in the forest.
    It’s Bigfoot!
    Bigfoot, I’m telling you!

  8. sanityrules says:

    This made me laugh! Being the owner of a small dog (16 lbs) who barks at the wind, I could certainly relate.

    Love your posts – funny to the utmost!

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