It Occurs to Me…

If you get pizza at Pizza Hut, what did I just eat at the Panda House on Briley Parkway?



8 Responses to It Occurs to Me…

  1. Jennifer says:

    LOL.. that cracks me up. Panda lo mein.

  2. chez bez says:

    I saw it before it opened and was hoping it was a petting zoo.


  3. Jay says:

    Does Panda taste like chicken?

  4. sara sue says:

    You seriously ought to think about a career in stand-up comedy, my friend!

  5. If it’s the same as the Chinese restaurants around here it’s definitely not Panda. Probably more of a feline persuasion,

  6. Whatever you do, don’t order the Pandamonium Platter!

  7. I hear Panda is a delicacy.
    Does it taste like chikin?

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