Hell in a Bucket

I go away for ten days and the stock market goes to shit and Brad and Angelina break up.

And nobody even texted me?! Last time I leave you all alone with the keys to the universe…


11 Responses to Hell in a Bucket

  1. jagadiah says:

    What? They broke up? I’d heard reports that they were fighting, but nothing definitive on a split.

    After typing that, I’m seriously thinking I may need an intervention. I’m addicted to gossip blogs.

  2. jagadiah says:

    Oh, and welcome home!

  3. sara sue says:

    I tried to text you but you were out of range.

  4. sistasmiff says:

    I’m glad y’all made it back. Missed ya.

  5. I too was out of the loop on the whole Branjolina breakup. I guess I was too busy obsessing about the Simpsons and crossing my fingers that Barry Bonds will rest for the next 32 seasons leaving Hammering Hank on top.
    By the way, while you were gone, your Cubbies got on a roll. Dang it.

  6. chez bez says:

    I didn’t go anywhere and I had to hear about Brad and Angelina from you. How’d I miss that?

    In other news, Briley Pkwy is finished. At least I think so. I still saw some orange barrels around today.

    Welcome home!


  7. bridgett says:

    Brad and Angelina are over? Really? Welcome back.

  8. saraclark says:

    good grief? I was here the whole time and missed all of these things. but I haven’t been reading or watching any news either. Well, at least you came back in time to tell us.

  9. newscoma says:

    There were ufos in England. Seriously, did you see them? Because England is so close to Italy that I think there is bound to have been a connection somehow.
    Didja? Didja?

  10. Klinde says:

    Welcome back!!

    Oh and count me amongst those of us in the good ole U.S. of A. who did not know about (nor really care to be honest) Brad and Angelina….

  11. lcreekmo says:

    WTF? It’s how many days later, I never left town, and you’re telling me Brangelina is no more? OK, I am off to surf the gossip sites.

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