What Color is the Sky in Your World?

The original gatekeepers of high level internet domains, Network Solutions, sent me a notice that the domain name for the company where I work is expiring in eight months.  Thanks for the heads-up.  I’ll get right on that.

More amusing is the fact that they offered me a sliding pricing scale based on how long I want to renew for.  The best pricing extended out to one hundred years.

That’s assuming my company will still be around, Network Solutions will still be around, the internet as we know and use it will still be around and my Visa will still be around.

Pretty freakin’ optimistic, I say.  I won’t even buy green bananas.


3 Responses to What Color is the Sky in Your World?

  1. lakelevel172 says:

    I received one as well. the envelope is pushed pass the limit. just think, the internet was invented by the genis of gore only a few years ago. and today they, whomever, are talking about dumping the whole damn thing and rebuilding it. maybe that should be done with the interstate highway system. it is old and falling down. general and then president D’white invented that. it is crumbling around us.

    all bannas are picked green just as peaches, apples, tomatos, and all other food stuff. but the future is all we have. you worry about the future of you cats and dog. don’t you. but not your “friend” of many years. Embrase the future. it will come. the past is… what. now. is now the past. as soon as i type the letters, it is in the past. the future is all we have. if gore or D’white did not embrase the future, where would we be? I hate two lane roads. and snail mail. that sucks. so go out and get them green bannas. in the future they will rippen, gar-on-teeed. but network solutions. i will not bet on them. your friend of 16+, gamble and embrase. stop looking both ways on a one way street. but do look the correct way.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’ll bet Al Gore will still be here in 100 years.

  3. […] If I’m still alive in 100 years, I would seriously question the wisdom of the Universe. […]

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