Current Debate in the Smiley Household

If we were to get another dog, would we name it Brunello after our favorite Italian wine in the region we visited last month or Spider Pig, after, well…Spider Pig.

Well, actually, I’m the only one debating.  RUABelle is reserving her power of veto.  I imagine it would be exercised if I tried to choose either option.

Hell, we haven’t even really decided whether or not to get another dog yet, so the question is moot. Nellie still rules the roost.


9 Responses to Current Debate in the Smiley Household

  1. Good to see ya again, yesterday! Be careful on the two-wheeled conveyance. You have the hairstyle for a helmet, as I now do, as well. 🙂

  2. fishwreck says:

    Brunello, no question.

  3. Friends of Light Lunch says:

    pfft Spider Pig, no question!

  4. Jennifer says:


  5. sistasmiff says:

    You need a miniature dachshund.

  6. brittney says:

    I vote Spider Pig.

  7. Klinde says:

    I’m all for Spider Pig!!!!

    Dang, now I can’t get the song out of my head…..

  8. lcreekmo says:

    I don’t like the Simpsons but I still vote Spider Pig. [That is from the Simpsons movie, right??]

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