Happy Katrinaversary

Two years ago today, New Orleans as we know it died.  I’ve been back twice since then, and it still saddens me to think about what was and what will never be again.

But the city is rising from the soggy ashes.  The spirit of the people was not completely crushed, but I do know that they keep one eye on the Weather Channel from July until October.  The city is not ready for another hurricane yet; not even a glancing blow.

They try to keep a smile on their face as they dance in the streets, but fear is the ultimate buzz-kill.  Those brave enough to move home are praying for the calendar pages to keep flipping and the storms to keep making a left at Jamaica.

That’s why stuff like this makes me smile.  Bang a drum, shake a tambourine, dance with abandon and tip back an Abita Amber for the Big Easy tonight.  I’ll be the guy with the JazzFest shirt on looking for a crawfish to suck.


2 Responses to Happy Katrinaversary

  1. […] By The Water I read here that this week was the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It definitely was sad and still is […]

  2. Klinde says:

    I’ve been back twice as well. Lived there in the mid-90’s… Am half Cajun… I still ache for them. I am in the marine industry and have huge ties to the place business-wise; however, I personally love the place. It’s like being in a whole other country.

    On a separate note, my company observes the Katrina anniversary with reverence. Thanks for sharing.

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