I Guess Since Karl Dean Won…

…I won’t get to use this cool logo I designed.


Sorry about that Bob. I guess only people in their right minds made it out to the polls yesterday.


3 Responses to I Guess Since Karl Dean Won…

  1. […] Also like several other bloggers, I was pleased by Clement’s graciousness in conceding last night (particularly considering some of the mud-slinging that had gone on), but only one blogger amongst us really addressed a campaign promise that we now know will go unfulfilled. See what’s got CeeElCee a little disappointed today… […]

  2. Oh, man. I was lookin’ forward to the openin’ ceremonies and all.

  3. claudia says:

    you’re verrrrry good… this too was entertaining. as for me – pathetic as i am i hate local politics and barely tolerate it on a national level. but i did shake bob’s hand once. i immediately ran home and took a shower…

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