My Regression Continues

I have reached a point in my life where, like a 12-year old whose parents have just bought a new refrigerator, I’m less excited about receiving a gift than the box it came in.

That’s because this is the week that I am wrapping Xmas presents and I bought folks a bunch of stuff that is irregularly shaped. I’m not a big fan of gift bags, but since I grew up wrapping paper in a warehouse, I can wrap the hell out of a rectangular package.

That’s why I like buying square stuff so I can cram everybody else’s gifts into the empty boxes. So don’t get nervous if you unwrap a package from me and see that the box is labeled Caution-Caustic Chemicals Inside. That just means I stole it from our warehouse. On the flip side, don’t be too excited if you see the box looks like there’s a case of wine inside. I stole those boxes from the liquor store.

Consider yourself informed.


4 Responses to My Regression Continues

  1. caution caustic chemicals…. hmmm… would i trust you? hmmmmm….

  2. fishwreck says:

    None of that tops the Playtex “feminine care” box that some of my (not distant enough) relatives used to pass around from year-to-year as a gift box. I think my cousin-in-law, Bob, was the most surprised to receive a gift wrapped in it. Really, does the actual gift matter so much once you remove the gift wrap and find a tampon box in your hand?

  3. Jennifer says:

    My favorite trick when I was little was to take a really small gift wrap it in a small box, then put it into a larger box, wrap it and so on and so on..

  4. HA! We do this also. We valuable boxes (like iPod or Tiffany) to wrap cheap gifts in, and reuse ancient Cain-Sloan department store boxes. I believe there’s still a Chester’s hatbox floating around our family holiday archives, and they’ve been closed since before I was a teenager. But I *love* the feminine product box idea –I’m stealin’ it.

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