A Sad State of Affairs

I’m ready for Christmas.  By that, I mean I’ve done all my shopping and wrapped all the presents and helped to decorate the house.  (OK, I hung up the tall stuff.  RUABelle did everything else.)

But I haven’t wrapped my head around that it is actually next Tuesday.  The sad part is, I’m so far behind at work I’m a little disappointed that we won’t be open Monday and Tuesday so that I can make some progress at getting caught up.  This holiday is definitely sneaking up on me like a truck windshield on a junebug.

Also frightening is the fact that I’m going to the Titans Jets game with the DogDoc, Knuck and Ryan.  And it’s a 3:15 game.  In the middle of a four day weekend.  What’s the number for Safe Ride again?  I recommend you invest in some Diageo stock.


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