Notes From Within the Haze

Things I Learned Yesterday 

  1. When the Weather Channel predicts a “Feels Like” temperature of 26 degrees, they aren’t kidding around.
  2. However at that temperature, your beer never gets warm, which is good at stadium prices.
  3. Somebody has to be able to drive home eventually.
  4. Any efforts to minimize the number of vehicles traveling home from a Titans game is appreciated by all involved.
  5. Norm Chow was apparently on a coaching job interview at Directional Montana State yesterday, so he left an offensive game plan with 3 running plays on a Post-it behind for Jeff Fisher to use.
  6. Ryan’s mom is a regular reader of the Dry Spot.  (Hi, Ryan’s mom!)
  7. If you think you may ever need a liver transplant in the future, it’s probably best to start the paperwork process as early as possible.
  8. Four drunk guys can have a surprisingly spirited discussion at a bar about the pros and cons of circumcision without raising the discussion to an emotional level or depending on anything stupid like facts or statistics.
  9. This is not true when discussing the designated hitter.
  10. Eating a to-go order or Sportsman’s Grille chicken fingers at 9:00 pm after a day of drinking and football will ensure that you need to get up for a glass of water at least four times during the night.

One Response to Notes From Within the Haze

  1. Jim says:

    11. Big Kenny wears his ridiculous top hat on Southwest flights.

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