I’m Not Always a Man of Conviction

When it comes to sports, I often sway with the breeze.  If Stanford or Vanderbilt is playing, I’ll cheer for them.  If Southern Cal, Tennessee or Cal Berkeley is involved, I’ll back whoever they’re playing.  If it’s the Colts vs. the Patriots in the AFC championship game, well…I guess I’ll be rooting for Al Qaeda.

Often I find myself in front of the television during college bowl season or the NFL playoffs without a dog in the hunt.  As long as I don’t have money on the game, I usually just start watching and see who I’m backing based on how I feel after the game starts.  Tonight I thought I was going to root for Jacksonville over Pittsburgh, but as the game progressed, my innate dislike of the Jag-warhs percolated to the surface and I found myself shouting at the screen for the Rothlesburgians.  Good thing I didn’t have any $$ on the game.

And that’s where I find myself in the presidential primaries.  I’m just watching the game to see who I surprise myself with by rooting for them.  That Dennis Kucinich was a cute little feller.  I missed him tonight.  I guess I’ll have to start paying some attention now.


2 Responses to I’m Not Always a Man of Conviction

  1. chez beziat says:

    I’m quite smitten with the beautiful red-haired beauty married to Kucinich.

    Hubba hubba!

  2. Jim says:

    She has a pierced tongue. What a great first lady she’d make. I think the interns would be safe.

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