Yet Another in a Long Line of Really Bad Decisions

RUABelle and I spent most of yesterday afternoon moving and rehanging artwork around our house.  We’ve acquired a lot of little prints over the course of our travels and weren’t really getting any enjoyment out of them seeing as they were all stacked up in a closet.

So we distributed them around the house filling up little nooks and crannies and small areas of wallspace with a virtual tour of our favorite vacation spots.

One featured piece of real estate is in the guest bathroom downstairs.  We hung a lovely little watercolor of a quaint fishing village in Ireland that we visited on a beautiful spring day a couple of years ago.  The hues of the painting and the matte and the frame coincidentally perfectly complement the color scheme of the room.  The evocative nature of the subject brought back a flood of fond memories of our trip to the Emerald Isle and the wonderful people we met during our stay.

I totally peed on my shoe.


5 Responses to Yet Another in a Long Line of Really Bad Decisions

  1. That’s called “lost in contemplation.” 🙂

  2. yet another excellent reason why men should sit down and pee

  3. Jennifer says:

    LOL.. you crack me up

  4. Lynnster says:

    HA! Classic. And another one for the CeeElCee Toilet Humor Hall of Fame!

  5. jim voorhies says:

    Not sure I would have posted that myself (not that I’d ever mis-aim or anything).

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