Do You Know This Guy?


Because I sure don’t. Yet for some reason he has decided to send me 25 unsolicited text messages (probably from prison) over the past couple of days.

It doesn’t really bug me much since I have unlimited texts anyway. But I thought I’d post about him here in case I turn up missing over the next few days. If that does happen, no matter what he says in his testimony, I most certainly did not agree to go for a moonlit walk in a secluded part of a state park somewhere…


9 Responses to Do You Know This Guy?

  1. Lesley says:

    Aw, boo, don’t play like that.

  2. newscoma says:

    Is that a grill or braces?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Playa hater. You just hatin’ on that phat grill,yo holmes, kno’um sayne?

  4. Busy Mom says:

    You’re all up in his grill.

  5. badbadivy says:

    Aww, that’s my next door neighbor! (kidding, but some of my neighbors do look a lot like him, grill and all)

  6. fishwreck says:

    Wasn’t he on American Idol?

  7. cravensworld says:

    yikes dude, when did you get so popular? actually it’s a grill

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