These Neighborhood Preservationists Can Be So Touchy

I was reading about the ongoing controversy roiling around the construction of country stupor-star John Rich’s massive McMansion which is currently being shat upon Love Circle.

Trying hard to get beyond the fact that to me Big and Rich represent the worst thing that can possibly happen to a couple of good songwriters whereupon they become caricatures of themselves (e.g. wearing a big floppy hat and wearing t-shirts with the name of your OWN band whenever you appear in public), I thought that the journalistically ethical thing to do before I commented on the project was to check out the designs at the builder’s website.

Here’s what I found.  (I’m not kidding.  Go here!)

Doesn’t look so bad to me.


5 Responses to These Neighborhood Preservationists Can Be So Touchy

  1. Lynnster says:

    I bet that builder is HOT about not being able to put what is probably one of their biggest private contract’s real info on the site. At first I thought, oh, that’s cute…. and then it occurred to me somebody’s gotta be pissed (and rightly so in my opinion). Makes for a good blog post tho!

    That house looks like my mom’s house, right down to the cat in the yard. 🙂

  2. […] even better is this link brought to us by our beloved CeeElCee.  He directs us to the architecture company’s design of the home and it’s well worth a […]

  3. hey go back to the contractors site and ‘casa del lago’ is why i never fucking see my boyfriend… that one is his.

  4. Friend is a neighbor on Love Circle, and they’re thrilled — property values are up, up, up, and no one denise that the views there are better than the houses. But when you see the house — Rich will be looking down into everyone’s windows and patios fer sher.

  5. Hey Claud — who’s it being built for?

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