The Artist Formerly Known as Big Brother

Well, it finally happened. I got my first “Cease and desist” request regarding my internet content. Yeah, I’m banned in China and apparently is rated PG-13, but I never thought I would piss off his Royal Badness, Prince.

The YouTube video that I posted from our New Years Eve in Vegas has been taken down. Apparently, The Purple One has been on a rampage to protect the copyrights of all usage of his music and image in the intertubez. He’s taken it to the point where he’s gone after a short video of an 18 month old baby dancing while “Let’s Go Crazy” plays in the background. Scheming little pirate baby!

But the video I shot wasn’t of Prince. It was of Morris Day. And it actually wasn’t even Morris day. It was a Morris Day impersonator! And he wasn’t even singing any lyrics. He was dancing!

This whole thing brings to mind another little clip I found on YouTube.

Help I’m Being Repressed!


3 Responses to The Artist Formerly Known as Big Brother

  1. cravensworld says:

    that is my favorite holy grail moment

  2. Maybe prince is the millionaire, diamond-encrusted version of a wat’ry tart.

  3. Lynnster says:

    Well, that does it for any support from me for His Holiness. This crap ticks me off soooo much. I am so sick to death of holier than thou artists going after completely harmless things like this that once I hear about it, they’re mostly dead to me.

    Thank goodness, thank goodness, thank goodness once again that I work with (granted unpaid and as a hobby but it’s still work) with musicians who are encouraging of exhibition of their art of all kinds when it’s harmless and handled in a decent manner. Keeping one’s name and art in the public eye is very important and I read stuff like this and I would just as soon everyone on the planet forget who Prince is ‘cos he and his people pretty much deserve it for crap like this.

    Sorry. Pet peeve there.

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