A Memo for the Recent Vistors to Our Fair City for the Country Music Festival

Dear inbred, beer-swilling hillbilly occupants of the caravan of three rebel-flag-flying black SUVs and pick `em up trucks who damn near ran me off the road on my bike ride home in your haste to get downtown on Hermitage Avenue because you were apparently running a few minutes late to see Kenny Chesney tongue-kiss George Strait on his booty-hole,

Screw you and your contribution to the local economy!  I’m pretty sure we don’t take Confederate money anyway.



11 Responses to A Memo for the Recent Vistors to Our Fair City for the Country Music Festival

  1. S & F says:

    Yer jes lookin’ too good in yer spandex. Makes it hard to concentrate on driven’ an’ stuff.

  2. hehehe… douchnozzles, my new favorite word!!!

  3. newscoma says:

    Douchenozzle is good one, GLS.

  4. GingerSnaps says:

    Traffic has been horrific this week. I also remember that last year it was like this, and it was also when my car accident happened.


  5. jim voorhies says:

    Gee, I miss driving through downtown during fanfart. Not.

  6. saraclark says:

    That’s spelled “Bootie Hole”.

    Look out for all the ones renting cars at the airport and then driving down 40 while trying to read their map. It was a free for all across 5 lanes this morning between the Airport and downtown. You cannot back down the shoulder from the 24/40 split and take the other side. Insane.

  7. Lynnster says:

    Man, you’ve done it now… now they’re gonna be LOOKING to run over your ass for sure.

    PS Don’t ride with the iPod in your ears so’s you can hear the “Dixie” horn when it blows & maybe get away fast…

  8. I think you’re missing the grand joy in this lovely event.

  9. i am so far removed from the real world… i didn’t even know it was fanfare until i read about it yesterday…

  10. sistasmiff says:

    5 words….It’s Good In Da ‘Hood.

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