CeeElCee at Fan Fair-Circa 1978

Well, it wasn’t really at Fan Fair, but it is really me and it was really about 1978 and I was really funny looking…


8 Responses to CeeElCee at Fan Fair-Circa 1978

  1. Dude, I love the way you played the banjo in that movie.

    What’s Burt Reynolds really like?

  2. GingerSnaps says:

    Those are some large glasses!

  3. chez beziat says:

    My glasses were maybe even larger in 1978.

  4. Lynnster says:

    S&F owes me a cup of coffee now to replace the one I just spit out laughing.

    Except I wasn’t thinking about the Deliverance kid myself, I was thinking you had a kinda John Denver thing going on.

  5. sistasmiff says:

    Awww…now thats a cute youngun raaaat thar, folks.

    Oddly enough, I WAS at Fan Fair 1978. Praise Jehovah, there are no pictures of me.

  6. My that’s a tiny little house you lived in 1978, barely large enough to hold your glasses.

  7. jim voorhies says:

    look at all that hair, too.

  8. CeeElCee says:

    That was during my “combs his hair with a brick” phase. I was also playing 6th grade football, so my glasses were constantly getting mangled inside my helmet as I was getting pummeled by the kids who already had hair on their nutsticles.

    Ahh, the salad days…

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