CeeElCee’s Productivity Tips-First in a Series of None

August 21, 2008

I realized that I have inadvertently done a brilliant thing to improve my productivity here in the office.

(“You mean like not blogging in two weeks?”)

No! Screw you, inner monologue.  He can get so self-righteous sometimes.

I have allowed boxes of printed samples and calendars to fill all the chairs and every flat surface in my glorified cubicle.  (I have a door and a window, but it just leads into another cubicle.)  Thanks to the lack of horizontal space, nobody can sit down in my office but me.  Conversations about nothing have been reduced by almost 100% and my quiet work time has increased accordingly.  Of course, SEC football does start next week…


That’s Pretty Scary

August 6, 2008

Knuck got me picking through the ole digital vault for pictures from circa 1986.

Then                      Now

Certainly less hair, and what is left is much grayer, but damned if I don’t look like myself.