CeeElCee’s Productivity Tips-First in a Series of None

I realized that I have inadvertently done a brilliant thing to improve my productivity here in the office.

(“You mean like not blogging in two weeks?”)

No! Screw you, inner monologue.  He can get so self-righteous sometimes.

I have allowed boxes of printed samples and calendars to fill all the chairs and every flat surface in my glorified cubicle.  (I have a door and a window, but it just leads into another cubicle.)  Thanks to the lack of horizontal space, nobody can sit down in my office but me.  Conversations about nothing have been reduced by almost 100% and my quiet work time has increased accordingly.  Of course, SEC football does start next week…


14 Responses to CeeElCee’s Productivity Tips-First in a Series of None

  1. jim voorhies says:

    All I’ve got is this little rollaround file cabinet and drawer thingy that’s got an upholstered top on it. I keep trying to cover it up with crap and people push things on the floor so they can sit. Got any calendars with nails in them?

  2. Lynnster says:

    Sounds like my old office used to be… minus the productivity, though.

    Go Vols!

  3. jim voorhies says:

    so, it’s been almost a month since the last post. Have you been offed by the little woman yet or just busy?

  4. Hey there – loving the blog…but get on the stick – it’s been too long – post something!!

  5. jim voorhies says:

    he keeps twittering now and then, so do we accept that or continue to pester him here? I think we continue to pester….

  6. CeeElCee says:

    I’ve been wanting to post about why I don’t blog anymore, but my brain has been too constipated to even get that done. I’ll sit right down and write myself (and everybody else) a letter some time soon.

  7. Kathy T. says:

    Wow you really have become a slacker t blogging! But I’ve been a slacker at reading blogs, so there you go.

    We have about six or seven more parades to go this Christmas season, so if you want to drive that cute little baby car, please consider this an open invitation! We’re doing horse drawn carriages (I think) for the Nashvile parade, but need cars for Clarksville, Goodlettsville, Smyrna, and more. For Murfreesboro, they only allow cars at least 25 years old. Do you know anyone with a good-looking, still running 25-year-old convertible? 🙂


  8. Lynnster says:

    I miss my semi-daily dose of The Dry Spot. First Rex, then Knuck, then S&F, now you disappear. This makes me not happy.

    (PS Hope you, your lovely sweetheart, and the furry children all had a lovely Thanksgiving!)

  9. Sara Sue says:

    Where you at, Dawg?

  10. Ferinannnd says:

    как говориться, Без пользы жить – безвременная смерть.

  11. jim voorhies says:

    Somebody pretending to be you on twitter said you might be blogging. proof they’re pretending, huh? 😉

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