About Me

On the backside of forty and spinnin’ my wheels.

Father of two cats and a dog.  Boyfriend to the most wonderful, most patient kindergarten teacher in the world.  For 16+ years.  Yeah, I know I’m screwed up.

If I’m not in our cabin in Sewanee, I’d rather be.

Constantly on the verge of being dooced.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Tim Kozusko says:

    I need to quote the last 2 lines of your Bradford Pear poem and need some sort of name to credit. I shall be using it to describe Australian pine – another non-native invader – at a government meeting.

    ps – I so wish I’d written that “Paris Hilton of trees”

  2. Nicole Hardiman says:

    I also would like to use “Paris Hilton of trees” as part of the title for my dissertation about the invasive Callery pear.

    Is there anyway to contact me directly with your name?
    I’ll even send you a PDF of the dissertation, if you’d like.

  3. Brett Kling says:

    Are you a contributing writer for the Bites blog in the Nashville Scene? If so contact me, I wanna share a culinary recipe for you to share with your readers. It’s friggen amazing!

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