I Guess I’m Not as Enlightened as I Thought I Was

May 1, 2008

It’s been three days since the Nashville City Paper went to a schedule of 2 days/print, 3 days/web-only edition.

I’ve already forgotten about it.

I have gained five minutes per day of productivity by not doing the sudoku.

I thought I would keep reading it online, especially since they claimed they would have their comics on the website. Nope. It’s two new crappy comics and a link to a site where you can pay to view old B.C. strips.

What I really miss is the copy that would invariably be folded up and stuffed between the wall and the bathroom stall door.  The articles were edited to be exactly one dump long.  I’m not gonna carry a laptop into the shitter with me.

Chalk me up as a reader who apparently wasn’t ready to make the leap away from the print edition.


What Color is the Sky in Your World?

August 15, 2007

The original gatekeepers of high level internet domains, Network Solutions, sent me a notice that the domain name for the company where I work is expiring in eight months.  Thanks for the heads-up.  I’ll get right on that.

More amusing is the fact that they offered me a sliding pricing scale based on how long I want to renew for.  The best pricing extended out to one hundred years.

That’s assuming my company will still be around, Network Solutions will still be around, the internet as we know and use it will still be around and my Visa will still be around.

Pretty freakin’ optimistic, I say.  I won’t even buy green bananas.

Well at Least It’s 100 Degrees and WINDY Today

August 13, 2007

So now instead of feeling like I’m living in my dryer like last week, it feels like I’m in a Jet-Stream Oven.

Y’know it cooks three times faster than a traditional convection oven.


A Plan to Increase Accountability Among Today’s Youth

June 30, 2007

From the “great ideas born in a bar” department:

You know how juke boxes have that Now Playing button so you can see the name of an unfamiliar song?

And you know how ATM’s have that little camera on them to record the photo of whoever is making a transaction?

What if you combined those and put a camera on the jukebox? That way you could push the Now Playing button and see which asshole at the bar played the freakin’ Adam and the Ants song.

Yeah, Knuck and I were drinking a little bit when we came up with it…

Paving the Road to Hell

March 1, 2007

There’s an article in today’s Nashville City Paper about a middle school class’s effort to collect and recycle phone books.  Apparently, the school was started a few years ago as some sort of a “global awareness” magnet school.  I’m surprised Eric Crafton hasn’t tried to shut it down since I’m pretty sure the globe includes Mexico.

But anyway, the sweet little Gorephites quote the impact on the environment of collecting these books.  “The teachers have calculated that by recycling their phone books, the school has saved approximately 140 trees, 29,600 pounds of lumber and 192,000 gallons of water.”

I appreciate what they’re trying to do, but those resources would only really be saved if we didn’t reprint new phone books each year.  Phone books are already printed on recycled paper, so there’s not really any savings there.  And even recycled paper is usually 70% virgin fiber (no, it doesn’t come from ugly trees, Sarcastro) so the phone books which are stacked fifty high in front of every business in town by the three competing yellow pages providers are still going to necessitate the harvesting of more trees.

So here’s a novel idea that these kids could throw their weight behind instead of filling up there storage closets with mountains of books.  Since 95% of the white pages and 90% of the yellow pages don’t change at all from year to year and all of this information is instantly available and up-to-date on hundreds of web sites, why don’t we just not reprint the darn phone books every year?  Keep your old one for a few years and tell these companies you don’t need a new one.  Then maybe they’d stop printing so many and they wouldn’t need to waste any resources.

Am I the only one who’s ever thought of this?

Kerry Woo’s Fantasy*

January 30, 2007

From Kerry's Review at GearDiary.com

Treo sex.

*Okay, it’s probably my and Kate O’s fantasy too. No, not our fantasy together. I mean, she’s attractive and all, but… Oh, never mind.

See Kerry’s GearDiary.com review of the Treo 680 here. (She’s the one on top…)